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123 WysiWyg HTML EditorClick Image To Visit SiteThere’s just sometimes when WordPress just won’t do what you need, and other HTML editors are too expensive and too complicated

If you can use a word processor, you can build great looking webpages and websites the quick and easy way using the world’s easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML editor…

"In Just Minutes You Can Be Building Great Looking Webpages And Put Them On The Internet Using The Easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML Editor That Looks, Acts, and Works Just Like A Word Processor!"

Forget about those expensive WYSIWYG web design packages from the BIG guys, they’re too cumbersome and confusing to use

We designed 123 WysiWyg for people just like you who want to make great looking webpages… the quick and easy… the 123 WysiWyg way!

Any time I open a new software product I always anticipate that "what do I do now" phobia. However, with your product I was up and running right out of the gate. It was as easy as typing a simple e-mail.

I wish it had been around years ago when I struggled learning the basics on the two most popular programs. Those programs are so complex that I had to buy several books and actually attended several other classes to learn how to use them.

With your program it’s as easy as using any simple Word Processor. I am impressed! Anybody can be up and running in no time! Anything that simplifies my life is a good thing and I know that I will be using your product to build hundreds of new pages for my websites. Congratulations on creating another great product!

RE: Breakthrough in HTML web design finally makes it easy to make great looking webpages and websites

I’ve got to tell you, when my programmer first showed me what he was working on, I was completely blown away!

I don’t think he really understood the impact this 123 WysiWyg HTML Editor would have on business owners, entrepreneurs, and webmasters around the world who want to build and edit great looking webpages and websites, quick and easy.

I’m always on the lookout for internet business tools that make building and profiting from your websites even easier.

And one of the most important tools you’ll ever want to have is an HTML editor that makes your pages look exactly like you want them to look, without having to pay big bucks to web design people to create sites for you and then to make all the expensive edits you need as time goes by.

Now you and I both know there are all kinds of HTML editors available to choose from, probably in the thousands by now. All the way from the BIG guy software companies to the little guy who writes software just for himself and few of his computer geek buddies and gives it away for free with no support.

The problem is the BIG guy software companies have made their HTML editors way too complex for most users and it’s very confusing to learn, and the little guy editors just don’t have enough features to get the webpages done right, or they don’t work at all.

add subscriptions forms and other scripts into your webpages without ever having to look at one line of confusing HTML code?

have complete control of how your webpages look, and know how they will look before you upload them to your website?

finally have the ability to create and edit your own webpages using a truly easy-to-use What You See Is What You Get HTML Editor?

"Let me show you a quick screen shot of what "123 WysiWyg HTML Editor" looks like… it’s the most complete and simple to use HTML Editor you’ll ever use…"

As you can see, it looks very much like the BIG company software you’re already using to do word processing or webpage creation, but we’ve made it so much easier for you to use.

And we’ve included everything you need to make great looking webpages…pages that are truly What You See Is What You Get…simply amazing.

Like I said at the beginning, when I saw the early version of 123 WysiWyg I got really excited at the possibilities, to say the least.

The only problem was we didn’t feel it was easy enough for newbies to use, and it still needed some of the bells and whistles that professional web designers are always looking for in an HTML editor.

So we put our heads together, wrote up a wish list of all the things we would want in an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use What You See Is What You Get HTML editor and went through 3 full months of testing and tweaking, and tweaking and testing until we were satisfied with what you can begin using right now to make great looking webpages and websites the easy 123 WysiWyg way!

As a dyed-in-the-wool hand-coder who has been building sites and doing SEO work for 9 years, I have a special hatred for design packages – they add a ton of unnecessary code that hurts your rankings, are usually difficult to use, and leave most users spending more time with help files and support calls than building their pages.

So I was prepared to pan 123 WysiWyg right off – until I first tried it! Within 10 minutes you had converted me – this is so superior to the big packages it’s amazing!

For newbies, the intuitive interface lets them use their Windows experience – Word, Publisher, Acrobat, etc – to get started right away. They can now build web pages as easily as laying out a page in Word! And now tables, usually the hardest part of HTML to learn, are a snap!

For experienced designers, the tabs for design, HTML and Preview make it dead-simple to tweak anything to your heart’s content, seeing your changes in real-time as you go… Read more…


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