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Brainstorm Pro Free Thesaurus, Dictionary, Translation, Writing, Business & Creativity Software -Click Image To Visit SiteBrainstorm Pro features a suped-up thesaurus with more than 10x the speed and power of online thesaurus sites, built in dictionaries & research tools, multi-lingual translations instruments and other features that help writers get work done faster. When your creativity meets the real world economy and the reality of marketing and sales, Brainstorm Pro is a weapon your want in your armory. Get return on investment when you use Brainstorm Pro 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back…

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Brainstorm Pro is a new word processing software with a built in thesaurus that delivers up to 20 times or more the synonyms & related words of your regular print thesaurus or online site. It also has built in translation features, dictionary lookup to see words in context as well as many more helpful plugins such as a rhyming tool… We’re even bringing the linguistic powers of Brainstorm Pro into the realm of branding & graphic design with new features that can help you create logos and taglines for your business, potentially saving you thousands in fees for graphic design, marks and printing (if you’re the type of person that likes to have a lead role in the creative process)… New accessories for this futuristic writing machine that could put you light years ahead are being developed as you read this, and may be available soon for you to choose from to add in to the existing software.

I am an online content writer and I find this very useful. Keep up the good work. I just saw the video of your latest version I think it’s awesome! There is big community of content writers and translators in Bangladesh. I think you new version has great potential to be a hit. Keep up the good work..

I am a professional book reviewer that works for Midwest Book Review. I have been in this business for the past seventeen years’ experience. Over my career I have written hundreds of reviews. With such a large volume of books that I deal with each month it is sometimes difficult to find another similar word that means the same of a word that you have already used. Brain Storm Pro has been a dream comes true. It is so simple to use, I type in a word, select quick search, and then generate than a large population of different words. I am so impressed with this product it has earned a place on my task bar

I am a freelance writer, and I regularly make use of synonyms and related words or phrases to keep my poetry and prose from becoming stale. Though I pride myself on an extensive vocabulary, I often utilize a thesaurus because it is simply impossible to know every single word in any language, especially one as fluid as English. The Brainstorm app provides a feature that both a paper thesaurus and the thesaurus tool in MS word lack: the ability to create a whole new sentence based on one you’ve already written. It maintains the structure of the original sentence and allows the user to choose appropriate synonyms and related phrases to “plug-in” to the statement, without dissecting it word-for-word and out of context. Being able to see the new words in the original context is a great help when trying to find appropriate phrasing and to ensure that the new diction works within the first structure. It’s also quite refreshing to see three tiers of synonyms at once, so as to eliminate the need for repetitive clicking to get to that one perfect word. There are also more related phrases featured in Brainstorm Pro than in MS Word’s thesaurus, which can help improve word-count if one is running a little shy. My only point of discontent is that Brainstorm Pro is only available in English. I hope to see a French language pack soon, as I write the occasional poem and story en français and a tool like this would prove invaluable to a non-native speaker such as myself..

I have been using Brainstorm Pro for a while now, in a short time it has become my single most important tool. In your brain there is a wealth of words, but after writing for six hours sometimes they tend to get lost. With Brainstorm Pro, you don’t have to worry when the words get lost in your head, this tool is amazing! I have used countless other apps to help me, but this is by far the best, being able to copy the word directly into my text is a great feature, I changed the font in Brainstorm to match the font that I am typing in so that makes everything uniformed when I paste my words in. The built in tools and writing templates are awesome too, sometimes I get asked to write stuff that I’m not at all familiar with, the templates really help me by giving me an idea of how the document should look, it really adds to the professional look of my end product. I think this is a great program; the versatility of it never seems to end.

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