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Facebook Ad Target's Audience Drill - Powerful FB Marketing SoftwareClick Image To Visit SiteFinally: your chance to become one of the few marketers who has an unfair advantage over your competition with this precise targeting software raking in profits from your Ads on a daily basis at WILL!

Today you can get access to this complete targeting software with additional advanced training others are paying THOUSANDS for, from other Internet Marketers

In SECONDS, Easily Find The Best Targeting Demographics Active on Facebook so You Can Use Them For Your Ad Campaigns, Boosting Posts and Running Buyers To Your Websites

No more testing to see if results can be targeted. Every result in Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill can be used in your FB ads. This is going to save you time and make you far more money.

Use our graph search templates to execute the most advanced graph search strings to drill down into your niche and competition. You can get super targeted with this feature meaning that a higher percentage of visitors are going to buy from you

Search for competitors’ ads and see exactly what they’re doing to profit. You can literally spy on your competition with this feature of the software.

Having Trouble Starting Your Campaigns On Facebook? Sick of Copying & Pasting Ideas to See If They Can Be Targeted? Get Instant Access to Our Library of The Hottest Real Targeting Options and Millions of Passionate Buyers in Any Niche in 2 Clicks to Guarantee Increased Conversions, Lower Ad Costs and a Massive ROI.

We’ll give you all the results directly from Facebook, whether it be a interest, job title, major, employer or location

We make it simple! Huge graph search strings can be complicated to compile, they have countless options such as occupation, age, gender, location, pages and many more. Where do you start? What goes before what? Our graph search templates let you fill in your criteria and we construct it for you! Get access to cross-over niches, new targeting options and spy on competition like you’ve never seen before!

Ever wonder how they are running those 5 figure campaigns every week? Use Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill to find successful campaigns run by other marketers in YOUR niche. Yes, search for campaigns by niche and get an inside look at how they’re doing it.

Unlike other software’s, Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill will search around ALL of Facebook (and totally 100% in line with their T&Cs) – including interests, pages, groups, posts, job titles and many more.

PLUS finally, this is a tool that will even find over-lapping interests, using a unique method exclusive to Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill.

Use This Data To Create A Profit Pulling Ad, That Guarantees Higher Conversions Than The Usual Shot-In-The-Dark Targeting You Set Up Manually in Facebook

You See, Facebook Has Recently Made It Attainable For Anyone To Search For Very Precise Audiences That You Can Use For Your Ads or for Market Research…

Pages liked by Nurses over the age of 25 live in the United States who like Nursing and Nurses.

Inside Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill, You Can Easily Search For And Get Precise Analytics About Any Market You’re Interested In….

find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose – Pages, Groups, Restaurants, and many other clusters of users, who are prone to engaging with Ads like yours!

find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad… Leading to amazing sales and conversions.

get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business! Or find out what your target markets are talking about right now, so you can appeal to them by creating Ads that include current trends that interest THEM!

The Best Part, The Software 100% Works WITH Facebook, Ensuring Your Results Will Be The Highest Quality Of Compiled Data From EVERYWHERE On Facebook (including data from Groups!)

Just run the software, take the suggested interests and demographics that contain HOT potential leads, and target them with your ads!

You Can Now Stop Targeting Bots’ Profiles and Pages Which Other Software’s Do, And Finally Search For REAL Keywords That Are Being Used By REAL People to find those passionate about a specific topic

Direct Your Ad Viewers To Grow Your List, Sell Your Products or Promote CPA Offers And Generate Commissions!

Increase Your ROI By Spending Less On Your Ads, And Getting Better Conversions And Results With Smarter Targeting

Facebook Ad Target’s Audience Drill Uses Facebook’s Own Technology To Automatically Churn Out The Highest Converting Interests To Aide In Your Targeting For ANY Niche And Turn Your Facebook Ads Into Lead Generation Machines.

Here’s the thing…. You probably already know a think or two about creating a fan page and getting some cheap “like’s”

Because before today if you wanted to turn your ‘fans’ or just general Facebook Users into ‘leads’ over Facebook, you had two pretty average options:

2. Drop hundreds, if not thousands in Facebook Ad Spend, only to find your list hasn’t really grown by much…and NO sales are coming through.

That’s why we went to work, painstakingly creating a way that would allow us to turn our fans and general Facebook users into engaged leads without the hassles over those other tired methods – a software that would not only allow us to drill down and find the most engaged audiences, but something that would work alongside the Facebook Ads Manager so we didn’t have to spend hours thinking up of interests to target, or wasting time copying and pasting interests into the Ads Manager when setting up our Ad. We wanted a software that would allow us to find the hot audiences that were already buying through Facebook, and be REAL people so we can use this intel for ourselves… Read more…


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