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Quibids #1 Rated Software - BidProApp for Quibids.comClick Image To Visit SiteQuibids.com is one of the leading penny auction sites, which provides you with the ability to bid on high priced products at a small fee. With this, you can win expensive items at extremely cheap prices. However, it is not necessary that you will win every auction you bid in. So, to simplify the bidding process for you, we have come out with some smart and successful strategies on Quibids.com that will help you in winning most of your bids, if not all.

You might get attracted to the biggest items on Quibids.com as most of the other participants often get. You will think that you should go for expensive products like TV, laptop, or an iPad, which you can buy for only pennies on a dollar. However, this is the common mistake that most novice bidders make. Although, the high-end items have the largest appeal, they also have a big competition and risk. And in this big competition, your chances of winning a particular product reduce. Quibids.com say that bidding on expensive items should be the last priority of a new participant.

If you are a new bidder, then bid on small ticket or the cheapest items like inexpensive electronics, gift cards, etc. Such products have a lower appeal as compared to expensive items and hence they have fewer bidders and relatively little competition. Follow this successful strategy on Quibids.com and raise your chances of winning a particular product.

Check the bidding fee of a particular item and then proceed on to bid. Every bid will increase the total cost of the product by 1 penny. The bid fee normally is between $0.50 cents to $1.00 for each bid. It is up to you as to which bid fee you want to go for. With a high bid fee, you may place less number of bids, with few bidders, that will keep the cost of the product down. Whereas, when the bid fee is low, then you will bid more, with more competition as many people are attracted towards low bid fees, in turn driving up the product cost.

Develop your own strategy. For instance – one of your strategies could be the one that we just mentioned above. Apart from that, you can make your own strategies. You can win on quibids using bid-ninja, and the best strategy is to keep in mind the bid price and the number of bids. Through this, you will not place numerous bids. Be tactical and see that you do not pay a fee that is more than the cost of the product.

The best time to bid is during off-peak hours or slower hours. By off-peak hours, we mean that time of the day when there are less number of bidders and the competition is relatively low. The off-peak hours can be the time when the other bidders are busy at work or are sleeping. You should try to find out the slow hours by doing a research on your part. You can do this by following the successful strategies on Quibids.com and examining the frequency of actions. Come back to Quibids.com after every single hour and verify the number of auctions that started in the last hour.

One of the successful strategies on Quibids.com is to be cautious while bidding. Be slow in your bidding so that the other participants just get an indication that you are there. When the bidding heats up, that is the right time for you to bid more aggressively. Your assertiveness will chase away other bidders, resulting in you taking away the item.

Take a trip through our site, Qui-Bids and know how it works. One of the strategies on Quibidz is to watch a number of auctions before you start bidding. Before entering an auction, check out the statistics tab on your products. It has some of the most valuable information such as the average winning bids, average closing price, etc. You can also check the fees of each bid, the shipping costs, bidding limits, winning limits, promotions, etc. Use the Bid-O-Matic tool that places your bids when you are busy, hence improving your chances of winning an auction. Moreover, you can also earn an extra bid by ranking your game play before claiming your win.

Power bidding is a tactic of the bidder in which he or she deliberately bids very frequently. Their sole motive is to drive up the product prices so that they can intimidate other bidders and win the item. If you are a beginner, then we advise you to stay away from such power bidders. This Quibids software helps, and, if you are an experienced bidder and you know the history of the particular power bidder in the auction, then you should watch the game and jump in when others back off. Till then, let other bidders bid and you do your bidding when the timer is about to cease.

Try to know about your competitors, the ones against whom you bid regularly. Familiarize yourself with the power bidders, when they bid, what they bid on, etc. Also, try to know other bidders, their bidding style and behavior, etc. For instance- why one bidder comes late, when do they bid, or why they bid only on a specific item, etc. Follow the the best way to win on quibids and identify the new and experienced bidders. Through this knowledge, you will come to know when you should stay in an auction or when you should leave. Intentionally bidding against heavy bidders will not bring you any profit.

Do a little research and study the auctions. Get to know the usual closing price of every auction product. Participate in those auctions that have gone beyond the normal closing price. There is no guarantee that the auction will finish soon, but according to the statistics they will finish quickly. Such people are known as… Read more…