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- Scarcity Marketing for WordPress - wpDeals Engine - wpDealsEngineClick Image To Visit SiteWe have shipped the latest version of our deals engine with a new exciting Deal-type – Evergreen. Now you can start your deals when a user first visits the website. Your promotions start fresh for each user. Users can be tracked by both cookie and ip to be sure that the deal start date is protected.

We offer limited time, limited quantity, dime sales, clearance sales, combination sales and more. Scarcity marking used well also engages your audience with you, allowing them to further explore your other offerings. They add energy to the buying experience and connects you and your customer on a deeper level. Deals Engine provides powerful and flexible scarcity based deals marketing for your website. You can build a specialized “Daily Deals” site, (perhaps for a specific niche) or just increase your sales and better manage your inventory – scarcity marketing is a great tool in your sales kit.

Or you may want to have a daily deal on your blog, or directory site in conjunction with your vendors. Then you can use the free deals engine and purchase the few extensions you will need individually for your additional revenue stream of deals. We give you the flexibility and power to choose.

* Does not include the separate WooCommerce or EDD Editions. The extensions are not compatible with these editions. Extensions only operate with the free wpDeals Engine.

With our Free Deals Engine you can build a dedicated deals site, add deals to your blog or directory site. We become your complete commerce back-end with Shopping Cart, Payment Gateways, E-Mail marketing integration and more. Payment Gateways, E-Mail marketing extensions.

The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Edition allows you to have deals and specials of your EDD Downloads. Add deals for your software downloads, images, songs – whatever digital products you sell – Deals Engine can increase your numbers with scarcity marketing and builder better consumer relations.

The WooCommerce Edition lets you turn any of your WooCommerce products into scarcity based deals. Dime Sales, timed sales, limited quantity sales. Like all our Deals Engines you have timed sales, limited inventory, dime sales and more. Grow your WooCommerce sales with Deals.

Social Sharing Discount Options – Have the price lower instantly for every Facebook Like, Fan Page Like, Twitter Tweet, and Google +1; boosting social sharing, traffic, and sales!

Variable Pricing – Showcase different pricing deals on Product Variations for each individual product listing!

Time Limited – Set the timer for your offer and watch as it counts down to the end, creating massive scarcity and a rush to buy before it ends. This tried and tested method works for a huge sales boost every time!

Limited Inventory – Set your inventory at a set number for your Deals and have them close automatically when you hit your sales limit! This increases sales like crazy!

Dime Sales – Set price increase increments based on the number of sales and watch your sales increase fast!

Clearance Deals – Automatically reduce the price of old inventory at preset intervals for either a fixed amount or %.

Claim this Offer Options – Make buyers enter their email address to get emailed special offer coupon codes or vouchers from you!

Upcoming Deals – Showcase new offers before they go live to increase anticipation and sales. Use normal or special pricing options!

Expired and Sold Out Deals – Increase the sales for your next offer by showing Time Expired Deals and/ or Deals which have sold out based on a limited inventory based offer!

Awesome Widgets and Shortcodes – Display your deals and offers across your site any way you want. Check out the Demo below and see how great they will look on your site!

Limited time sales with a pending start date: Create more demand for your product when the clock is ticking. Ideal for for creating a base of business for your product or service.

Dime sales let you increase the price as people purchase. Reward your early adopters and buyers with better pricing.

With our easy to use shortcode builder, you can place deals on your site pages. Now you can also combine your deal listing information with different styles. Use our pre-built ones or add your own.

The extensions are the power of Deals Engine and can quickly bring your vision to reality. You can purchase the entire suite of extensions for one low price. Add new email marketing partners, add payment processor, all widgets for productivity. Build a complete deals site or section of your blog, portal, directory site, etc. Includes all 27 extensions; from payment processors and email marketing, to widgets and utilities. Read more…


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