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VideoWeaver - ClickBank - Video WeaverClick Image To Visit SiteCheck some of the features that will help you maximize your video production in a matter of seconds.

Brand-new drag and drop, point and click online software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

All features that you use in videoweaver software will be a part of video, not some fake html elements over videos. This way you can play this video with any device including mobile ones and all features will work properly.

As we mentioned before, all features are built in videos, no fake html elements over videos to “imitate” real overlays. Because of that, on all social networks all features that were set for video you want to share/play will work.

Download videos with all features built inside, embed online in any type of page, easy, with few clicks. Easy to share on social networks. Grab the embed code and paste it on any page and check the speed of our online player.

Just like image overlays you can choose any video to use as overlay. Choose video and insert it as any other type of overlay. Overlays are timeline events-set start time, when you want this overlay to show and end time, when you want it to hide.

Insert images into videos as overlays(you can set their transparency). Overlays are timeline features, you can set their start and end time (when to show and when to hide). Easy “drag and drop” will help you position them easy.

Insert text into videos as overlays, you can set their transparency, font color and background color. Overlays are timeline features, you can set their star and end time. Easy drag and drop will help you positioning them easy.

Set custom background to your videos. If you record or upload video with green screen (you can use other colors), you can change that background with any other image (background) that you desire in few easy steps.

With our UI it is as easy as pie to set logo for your video. Drag and drop effect will make this easy for you. Resize it, set transparency, set position for your logo, all easy with draggable and resizable elements.

You can use your attached or built in cams to record videos, customize (add features) them inside our software. You can choose which devices you want to use from drop down elements. You can upload already saved videos.

You can export all your videos as GIF with all features visible inside that GIF. In modal for exporting GIF you can specify the start (and end) point of video. Click on export button and good quality GIF will start downloading in new window.

Get email video preview with all features visible. Click on get video preview code and you will see preview image and fields with the code for email preview to insert inside your emails or you can copy email preview direct link.

Add sounds to video just like any other overlay. Set start and end time for your sound overlays. Set as many sound overlays as you need. If you need, you can remove base sound (sound from your original video).

Set custom poster (splashscreen/first image) for your video. You can choose any image you want. Choose desired image for your poster and click save (that is all) poster will be set with few clicks – as easy as pie.

Choose quality for your video from offered values in drop down- original, 1080p, 720p, 640p or 360p, in which you want to export, download. Choose quality based on your needs-better quality larger video file/lower quality smaller video file.

Insert captions for your videos. Choose any of subtitle/caption format and insert it in your videos. Caption/subtitle will be integrated in videos as tracks which you can turn on on your devices or in our online player.

Just click on timeline feature that you want, drag to video and release click to add feature. You can position features by dragging them inside video; resize is working, too. On drop, settings will open.

For each video there will be many settings for customization, each built to make video editing easier. Each setting is well explained and intuitive, easy to use with few mouse clicks.

For each video you can choose in which quality you want to save/export it, you can export videos in different qualities. Choose quality based on your needs better quality-larger video files, lower quality-smaller video files.

Options are so intuitive that you should not have any issue in understanding them. Even so our hero support team will be available for you 24/7 over email, skype or chat.

Even recording is now easy. Attach your devices and start recording. Options on your devices are intuitive and easy to use. Choose options for your devices and start recording, as easy as pie.

Get link or image tag for your email video preview for each video that you created. You can easy set the link on email video preview that you desire in any of the email clients.

Now, with one click, you can share videos on walls, timelines, pages. Videos will play inline like any other mp4 video with preview and fast load. All built in features will be available in video on any social network. Finally, play videos directly on walls with all features in without any distortion.

Chroma key compositing (green screen) is now available. Record or upload your video with green background, upload desired background do some settings and click save. This will add new background on top of green one to your video. More about Chroma key compositing .

You can now insert videos inside video, resize it, position it and set which part of inserted videos you want to play. Video overlays works as any other overlay except, instead of image, it will play video. You can now… Read more…


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