Best Accounting Softwares For Law Firms

Legal accounting programming can help smooth out the charging and invoicing measures and furnish law firms with essential knowledge of their income. Furthermore, as firms manage delicate customer information, utilizing legal explicit accounting software can assist them with staying agreeable with laws intended to defend private customer data.

This article will take you through the best accounting software for law firms.

1. Cosmolex

Cosmolex is ideal for your firm if you need cloud-based programming that gives business accounting, trust accounting, customer charging, and law firm practice management apparatuses. Cosmolex is a moderate arrangement since it takes out the need to buy into QuickBooks or other business accounting programming. Cosmolex offers a free 14-day preliminary with no Visa required and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Cosmolex Features
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Cosmolex Law Firm Accounting Software Features

  • LawPay is wholly coordinated into CosmoLex so you can get credit card payments from customers, and the accounting will be programmed. LawPay’s month-to-month charge is incorporated with your CosmoLex membership, yet singular transaction fees apply.
  • Income appropriation can be computerized by determining income share rates by employee and part for every customer matter.
  • Payments and deposits are reflected consequently in customer records that show retainer adjusts for all customer matters continuously.
  • Your trust record can be imported, and a triple compromise performed with a single snap. Clients can likewise effectively print trust reports showing itemized exchanges, synopses, or the balance by customer or matter.
  • Your time and costs can be followed on the mobile application. Time can be entered physically or followed by working in clocks. Numerous invoices can be created for unbilled time and expenses with a single snap.

2. Clio

Clio is the best accounting software for law firms. It is a practice management programming alternative for law firms, everything being equal. It comes enthusiastically suggested by more than 50 bar associations across the U.S., and law social orders throughout the planet love it, as well.

Clio - Best Accounting Software For Law Firms
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  • As well as charging, Clio additionally handles customer intake, planning, report management, customer relationship management, and numerous different capacities your developing law firm needs.
  • Various pricing alternatives enable you to scale as your firm develops, which means you will not receive compensation for highlights until you need them.
  • Clio incorporates various outside accounting programs, including QuickBooks Online and Xero. It likewise has an Accounting Export highlight, which permits clients to trade time sections to other accounting software programs.
  • Clio’s estimating differs depending on the highlights you need. Clio Manage — Clio’s most well-known arrangement — runs somewhere in the range of $39 and $99 per client each month when paid yearly, with most law firms picking the $59 per client each month choice. Different alternatives incorporate Clio Grow, estimated at $49 per client each month when paid every year, and Clio Suite, which begins at $89 per client each month.

3. PCLaw

PCLaw is among the best accounting software for law firms from LexisNexis. PCLaw highlights incorporate contact and customer management, case and matter administration, and numerous other accounting highlights that you should deal with in your law practice.

PCLAW - Best Accounting Software For Law Firms
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LexisNexis makes other account modules accessible to you in this legal accounting programming making it adaptable as your practice develops, yet still, moderate if your practice is small. For instance, you can add finance preparation and credit card handling to PCLaw for extra expenses.

PCLaw Accounting Software Features For Law Firm

  • Plays out all fundamental accounting activities, including tracking neglected bills, without the requirement for QuickBooks or another accounting programming.
  • Tracks time by client, matter, and undertaking. Clients can likewise move a billable chance to invoices. It organizes reports, schedules, time-tracked, and customer data by importance.
  • It integrates with Time Matters by PCLaw (for an extra expense) to give additional practice management highlights.  Subscriptions incorporate limitless client service, item deliveries, preparing, and on-request assets.

4. Zola Suite

Zola Suite is ideal for legal experts searching for a more affordable, cloud-based account management arrangement and willing to surrender a couple of further developed highlights. Zola Suite Core will save you $20 each month, per client, contrasted with either Zola Suite Enterprise or CosmoLex. You can begin with the Core plan and move up to Enterprise if you choose. You need the additional highlights. Zola Suite offers a 10-day free preliminary.

Zola Suite Accounting Software
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Does Zola Suite Meet The Requirement For Law Firms?

  • Checks assigned as trust checks should have a customer matter number chosen, can’t be drawn from the working record, and can’t bring about an overdraft of the customer matter trust record.
  • Time can be tracked utilizing a clock on a work area or cell phone, or hours can be input straightforwardly. You can assign whether non-billable time ought to appear on the receipt when entering time. 
  • Rate cards are utilized to allocate custom rates for any client or to set a rebate to apply to rates. Rate cards can be relegated to customers or individual customer matters, which isn’t accessible with Core.
  • Invoices can be produced to different customers for a single matter for Enterprise Plus as it were. A single receipt can be utilized to charge a customer for other matters for Enterprise Plus in particular.

5. LeanLaw

LeanLaw is rapidly turning into a top choice among accountants and clerks who work with law firms, just as law firms themselves as the best accounting software for law firms. LeanLaw was fabricated explicitly in light of QuickBooks incorporation. Indeed, there is no “sync” between the two software programs — the incorporation is so profound, it happens consequently. This implies your law office’s accounting is consistently cutting-edge and exact. Not any more contemplating whether your reports were created previously or after data sync.

LeanLaw is, most notably, a billing software.

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LeanLaw – Accounting Software For Law Firms

  • It flaunts an adaptable time tracking component, which permits you to either run a clock or physically enter your experience on whatever gadget you pick. From that point, you can make your invoices in as few as four ticks, which means you will presently don’t need to “figure out time” to charge your customers.
  • The best component of LeanLaw, however, is its capacity to keep your trust accounts refreshed and accommodated naturally. If you’ve at any point managed an out-of-balance IOLTA, you understand what horrible it tends to be to find and resolve the inconsistency. LeanLaw fixes this issue for the last time.
  • LeanLaw’s valuation is $28 per client each month when paid every year, or $35 per client each month when a paid month to month, making it perhaps the savviest alternatives on this list.


Law firm accounting programming is remarkable because it should play out a three-path reconciliation of customer records, trust records, and bank proclamations. Past that, excellent law firm programming ought to give simple approaches to manage customer matters.

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