Even in the digital world, clients like to impart progressively via the phone. Consequently, the best small call center programming assumes an imperative part in building trust when working together or connecting with the support staff. You can use the existing phones to manage the call center. But this can be a problem for small call centers, as labor- and resource-intensive businesses have the lowest profits and are difficult to measure. Therefore, call center software is so popular today.

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What is Call Center Software First?

 It’s just a tool that allows you to manage your company’s phone calls: customer support, sales team, technical support team, customer success team.

Small call center software is more advanced than simple business telephony solutions, provides real-time call tracking tools, and enhances the phone’s productivity and collaboration capabilities for solution users.

And now that you know what call center software is, I’m going to provide you with a list of the 5 best software for small call centers: Simple and efficient!

Your smartphone system will profit from the best call center software with cutting-edge control plus configuration. Be that as it may, you need to pay for hardware, lease, upkeep, and charging, which restricts the versatility of the area.

The thing is that you have to pay for the rent, maintenance, billing, and equipment, which limits the scalability of the location. Cloud-based call software overcomes these limitations without hosting costs.

Call center agent software improves the client support insight and the specialist group by assisting with carrying out multi-channel procedures. Utilizing a solitary programming stage for various types of steering implies having the option to gather and examine information on all parts of business correspondence, from specialist adequacy to work process achievement, to make execution reports and have strategies to improve reporting.

1. Five9

Five9 is the best call center software because it provides you with everything you need for an efficient contact center, including management and staffing tools: over 100 sorts of authentic and constant reports, call reports, and much many CRM software stages (Salesforce Integration, Zendesk), Oracle, Zoho), cloud API for open platform and information import, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration pop-up.

Provide free local phone numbers, DNC compliance, online reminders, and customization of text-to-speech tools. In addition, the software also contains predictive artificial intelligence, which can maximize team efficiency. In addition, the software also includes predictive AI to maximize team efficiency.

With Five9, your small call center will benefit from: 

  • Self-service tools, analytics, WFO.
  • Skill-based intelligent ACD routing.
  • Agent scripts, post-call surveys.
  • Conferences calls and voice email.
  • The set with automatic predictive and amplified mode.
  • Custom prices.  

This general cloud arrangement with the advantages of a nearby framework permits you to oversee inbound client service and outbound sales through a single command center. Whether it’s phone calls, chats, emails, videos, or social media, Five9’s omnichannel routing ensures that every interaction is delivered to the right resources, provides fast response time, and enables agents Able to process unstructured data from multiple channels through one channel, intuitive workflow agent platform.

2. Avaya

Avaya Contact Center provides screen recording, quality management and training, and real-time and historical reports. In addition, the cloud-based contact center software also provides interactive recording, voice analysis, and automatic transmission functions. Used in financial services, hotel management, healthcare, public safety, financial services, and education industries. Provide answers from the call center to track and trace contacts related to COVID-19.

With Avaya, your small call center will benefit from:

  • AI for decision-making and process automation.
  • Can identify mobile subscribers. 
  • Provides support services.
  • Provides unique mobile Internet access to the device.
  • Price on request. 
  • Automatic DTMF switchboard and call recording functions.
  • Product at the level of the companies’ prices.

The Unified Multichannel Communications System is built at the scale of the Avaya communications industry standard, and its hardware, software, and equipment enable remote groups to manage calls from anywhere. Avaya Contact Center is a universal cloud-based or hybrid automation solution. You will benefit from team chat, meeting software, and collaboration features.

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3. Freshcaller Small Call Center Software

Freshcaller is a simple and useful cloud-based platform with an automated call recorder that can be efficient to its products. Inbound sales agents and customer support teams use it. The fact that Freshcaller does not require any hardware makes it the undisputed answer for independent businesses.

However, this inbound call center software contains many functions, such as call filtering, recording, forwarding, and conferencing. You can control everything from the control panel, and you can make calls by One-click positioning.

With Freshcaller, your small call center will benefit from :

  • Free basic level.
  • Has call tracking, interruption, and recording features.
  • Provides multi-level IVR.
  • Intelligent escalation function, call masking.
  • Local numbers must be purchased through the management registry.
  • Call monitoring features allow you to hear conversations.
  • Low-level plan limitations, per-minute charges.

4. LiveAgent Software

This small call center software can integrate directly and easily with LiveAgent’s multi-channel service center, which helps you choose customers on any channel you have. LiveAgent is one of the few tools in the list that does not charge a per-minute usage fee and can be used for local configuration.

For small and medium-sized organizations that depend on telephone support, this is a practical solution. The software has advanced IVR, call routing, and unlimited call recordings, which can provide call center functionality for both outbound and inbound calls. LiveAgent is more than just call center software. It also provides chat, ticketing, knowledge base, portal, and reporting functions.

With live agent, your small call center will benefit from :

  • Integrates with 99% of VoIP providers.
  • Intelligent call transfer.
  • Integrates social networks, ticket sales, self-service features, chats, etc. 
  • powerful data analysis and reporting functions.
  • integration with more than 40 third-party applications.
  • Available only at the highest rate level.

5. RingCentral Small Call Center Software

RingCentral is famous for its video conferencing service and VoIP phone system. Engage Voice is one of the most flexible cloud-based call center solutions for automating and optimizing the interaction between customers and call centers.

The Connect platform provides multiple configurations for the back end, making it a leading CPaaS provider. ACD function, flexible report function, and omnichannel contact center support. They have authorization-based access, encryption, emergency operations, PBX integration, and shared directories.

With RingCentral your small call center will benefit from :

  • Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Group interaction, collaboration Tools.
  • Speech/text analysis, performance management functions.
  • Price on request. 
  • Silent surveillance, blocking, monitoring tools.
  • Learning tools, screen recording.
  • The decision system may seem a bit confusing.

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