5 Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software In 2021 & Beyond

Nowadays, being in charge of your company’s marketing is a tough job; budgets are always tight, and it’s critical to obtain a reasonable return on your marketing investment. One solution that comes to the rescue is choosing the best self-hosted email marketing software.

Email newsletter applications are becoming increasingly popular among companies and website owners as a way to connect with potential consumers.

Email marketing allows you to send emails to your users. Most of the platforms allow up to 2000 users to send free emails every month. However, if you want to send more, you’ll have to shell out additional money, and that might get expensive.

Marketing email solutions that are managed are costly.

You can save money by using the following self-hosted email software if you’re on a budget.

What is Email Marketing?

Aside from order confirmations and direct responses to consumer questions, any time a business sends an email, it might be considered an email marketing strategy.

The term email marketing refers to the practice of sending a business email message to your “email subscribers” who have subscribed to your email list and provided you their express consent to contact them via email.

According to research, targeted email markting can boost email engagement and profitability by more than 25%.

Email marketing is often used to keep your customers informed, increase sales, and build communities around your business.

Email Marketing

Modern email marketing has shifted away from mass mailings that are one-size-fits-all and toward permission, categorization, and customization.

Email marketing, at its best, helps firms to keep their clients updated while also customizing their marketing messages for them. In the worst-case scenario, this type of marketing might drive clients away by sending them irritating spam emails on a regular basis.

What is a Self Hosted Email Marketing?

To answer your question, self-hosted means that you host your own email platform on your server. A virtual private server (VPS) or a cloud virtual machine (VM) is typically used to host the program.

It is not difficult to set them up. If you follow the instructions provided by the majority of them, you should be able to have your own email platform up and running in less than an hour.

Many organizations are actively choosing to switch their campaigns to self-hosted services because doing so can save them thousands of dollars.

Choosing an Email Marketing Tool: What to Look For?

Here are some key characteristics to look for in an email marketing tool:

1. Integrations & Apps

Applications and integrations let you expand your audience by bringing invaluable consumer data that you can then utilize in your personalized emails to reach new people. Customers’ purchasing histories, demographics, preferences, and more can be gleaned through your apps.

2. Segmentation

The first step toward hyper-targeted emails is segmentation. Divide your subscriber list into categories and recommend items and services based on their interests. Begin by segregating by gender, then add prior purchases and VIP sections to become even more specific.

3. Split-Testing

You can test anything with the correct email marketing software—subject lines, graphics, content, CTA buttons, send times, and even message length. If you can identify what works for your audience, you can learn from it and improve your emails to make them the most successful ever.

4. Analytics & Reporting

The most effective email marketers are pivotal, analyzing data across days, months, and years to fully comprehend click-through rates, click-to-open rates, and overall engagement patterns. Look for a comprehensive collection of dashboards that turn this data into useful insights.

5. Automated Marketing

Create a personalized customer experience based on activities taken by your subscribers, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing something. These activities prompt additional, highly targeted emails designed to maintain the customer’s engagement over time.

6. Delivery

Instead of focusing solely on sending, consider receiving as well. Deliverability refers to whether or not your email actually makes it to the recipient’s inbox. Partner with a vendor who understands deliverability best practices to ensure that your campaign reaches the widest possible audience.

7. Customer Service

Email marketing software support is essential, even if the product itself is top-of-the-line. Consider what form of help and communication you’ll feel most at ease with. If you want to achieve your email marketing goals, find a service provider who will offer you the assistance you require via the channels you prefer.

Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

We’ll go through the best self-hosted email marketing software in this section, which is both economical and saves you a lot of money in the long run while still providing you with all of the email marketing capabilities you need to grow your business.

1. Sendy – Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

Sendy is a self-hosted email marketing software that enables you to send tamper-resistant emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). It allows you to send authenticated mass emails at a ridiculously low cost without affecting the deliverability.

Sendy Self Hosted Email Marketing Software Dashboard
Credit – Sendy

Sendy uses Amazon SES to send speedy multi-threaded emails for only $1 per 10,000 emails, eliminating the need to pay for expensive email campaigns and disregard any constraints imposed by your host, all while maintaining a high deliverability rate.

Key Features

  • Insightful reporting.
  • White-labeled client accounts.
  • Autoresponders and segmentation of lists.
  • Subscription management.
  • Handling bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes.
  • Integrations with third-party software such as WordPress, Magento, and Joomla, among others.
  • Fast multi-threaded sending.
  • Support for Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA.


For a one-time fee of $69.00, you can get Sendy. After that, you’ll be able to save 100 times more for each campaign.

2. MailWizz

MailWizz is a self-hosted email marketing program that is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users.

You can run a cloud-based email marketing business or host this excellent email marketing tool on your server as a stand-alone for personal or commercial use. It has a full overview dashboard that makes it simple to handle your emails.

You can create an unlimited number of separate customer accounts with MailWizz. You can use any SMTP server or well-known service like Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PepiPost, ElasticEmail, etc. to send your emails.

Key Features

  • In a single installation, you can create as many accounts as you require.
  • Set up recurring campaigns, autoresponders, or a combination of them.
  • Send out campaigns based on RSS or JSON feeds from a third-party source.
  • You can use this application to keep track of all the surveys you’ve created across the system.
  • Find out everything you need to know about your campaigns in a single place and share it with anyone.
  • Subscribers can be imported by CSV, text, or from an external database.
  • As many specific fields as you require for your subscribers are completely up to you.
  • Segment your list using custom fields and only send to the appropriate portions.
  • A SaaS-based email marketing company can get off to a great start.


MailWizz’s regular license comes with a one-time fee of $79 while the extended license will cost you a one-time fee of $ $295.

3. NuevoMailer

nuevoMailer is a self-hosted email marketing software that lets you manage subscribers and mailing lists, create rich tailored newsletters, send email campaigns, examine and analyze real-time reports, and follow up with triggers and autoresponders.

nuevomailer Dashboard Analytics
Credit – nuevomailer

The most comprehensive solution for email marketing, newsletters, and mailing list management on the market today.

Key Features

  • Shared, dedicated, and cloud servers can all be self-hosted.
  • Compliant with anti-spam legislation: Can-spam, CASL, and GDPR compliance are all available. At the opt-in and confirmation processes, the subscriber’s IP address is recorded.
  • There are a variety of segmentation possibilities depending on campaign behavior, demographics, and other factors.
  • Fire many campaigns in the background, asynchronously and in tandem.
  • All major 3rd party SMTP relay services and providers are fully compliant.
  • At various levels, extensive real-time reporting is available. From the campaign to individual subscribers and newsletters, everything is taken care of.
  • Use load balancing and rotation with several SMTP servers.


nuevoMailer SB v.8.7 (At the time of writing) is ideal for Single Businesses or organizations managing one or more websites will cost USD 129.00.

4. Mailtrain – Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

Mailtrain is a feature-rich Mailchimp clone and self-hosted newsletter software that is ideal for sending emails to millions of subscribers. Mailtrain has a lot of great features, like campaign automation and analytics.

Mailtrain allows you to manage big lists of subscribers and allows you to manually add subscribers, use the API, or import them from a CSV file. Custom fields are supported in all lists, and you can even combine tags.

The merging tags can be used to add multiple components such as custom fields, such as text fields, dropdowns, and checkboxes.

Simply deliver messages to list subscribers who meet the segmentation criteria. You don’t need to make distinct and independent lists.

Key Features

  • You can manually enter your subscribers’ email addresses or import them from a CSV file.
  • You can use merge tags to add tools like custom fields, such as text fields, numbers, dropdowns, and checkboxes.
  • You may also use segmentation criteria to filter the subscriber list and send emails to select subscribers that match your segmentation rules.
  • It lets you make landing pages for things like unsubscribing from a mailing list.
  • Apart from self-hosting, you can use SMTP-compatible providers such as SparkPost, SendGrid, Amazon Simple Email Service, and Mailgun.
  • GPG Encryption and RSS Campaigns.


It is free.

5. MoonMail

MoonMail is another email marketing newsletter platform that offers limitless campaigns, deep logs & comprehensive analytics, automatic management of bounces, complaints, and spam reports, bespoke DKIM & SPF settings, event-based segmentation, and unlimited subscribers for a low price.

MoonMail Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

Key Features

  • MoonMail’s exceptionally simple User Interface is one of the main reasons for its inclusion in this list.
  • To get a feel for how MoonMail works, sign up for a demo account.
  • Its dashboard mostly shows a graph with the results of the last email campaign, as well as a few more self-explanatory tabs.
  • Using the built-in Bee Editor Plugin and Template collection, you can quickly build attractive email templates.
  • Management and monitoring of the sender’s reputation.
  • Warm-up using IP that is instructive.
  • Its Email Validation tool can assist you in identifying and removing incorrect email addresses from your mailing lists.


MoonMail has different pricing plans. 

Lite $44.00 Per month – Store unlimited contacts, 10000 active contacts, and 50000 emails per month.

Starter $186.00 Per month – Store unlimited contacts, 50000 active contacts, and 250000 emails per month.

Conclusion – Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

I hope the solutions above help you save money by enabling you to create your own email marketing solution. If you don’t have the confidence to manage, these are the most cost-effective platforms you can use instead.

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